Thursday, September 21, 2006

Class Doldrums

I've signed up for the driest most mundane class imagineable. Last Wednesday was the first night and I figured the instructor was nervous and would not be so scattered in his presentation from here on out. Thank God it's a free class!

8 weeks on mundane topics...8 weeks I keep telling myself. 8 weeks and this certification class will be done. 8 weeks and I can take the certification test and get my license. 8 weeks and I'll never take another certification class like this again. 8 weeks my sanity will return. Loss of hair yes, but at least I'll have my sanity. Or maybe this will be reversed, I'll lose my sanity and still have my hair.

First night of class was an introduction. 2 hours of idle chit-chat with the random technical talk. Noone took notes, that I saw, and everybody was relaxed. Lots of repeat stories with accountable experience involved. I walked away feeling I could survive. I might even pass my certification test and stimulating my self-esteem. Challenging myself to embrace the unknown.

I am actually enthusiastic about attending this class topic. I've always been somewhat fascinated with how this all works. In laymans terms, its the invisible aspect that intrigues me. How this works, how that functions, the scientific data and the journey into new territory raises my curiousity. Analyzing why certain aspects work and why others upset the whole universe hypothesis. Our forefathers were pretty darn smart to decipher these equations of the invisible. Now if I could just harness those brain patterns I'd be a rich man.

So our second night we were informed we'd covered chapter one WITHOUT our books. WHA!?!?!?! Wait...hold it right there Baba Looey! I thought last week was just an informal meet-n-greet?!?!?! OMFG!!! I'm already a chapter behind and we're 15 minutes into class!?!?! I just received my book tonight and I'm a chapter behind!?!?!?

The next 1 hour and 45 minutes covered chapters one and two but not in consecutive order. Steve Irwin woulda been proud mate. We bounced around those two chapters AND the entire book more then a kangaroo on crack. I was busy highlighting and marking pages faster then killing picnic ants after my Peanut Butter-n-Jelly sandwich. Now chapter two is 30 some pages and we covered the first 7 pages pretty thoroughly and skipped right to the last two pages. I finally gave up marking pages in future chapters. My hopes that kangaroo on crack will invoke the Laws of Probability and return sufficiently.

Instructor Chucklehead informs us we need to read chapter two and review chapter three by next Wednesday. What he failed to realize allot of us will be covering the first three chapters. Allot of people left with looks of dismay. I'm sure I'm not alone...

So when I finally returned from my disappointing class, I explained in great detail the events as they unfolded to my demon cat. The dog coulda cared less and everyone else was asleep. And the cat was very attentive so long as his ear was scratched. I'm sure tonight he'll demonize something to repay my venting. Its already a given and expect nothing less. And you wanna know my cats response? Follow the arrow:

My sentiments exactly!

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