Friday, September 15, 2006

Pimp my Checkbook

Becky of Tall Cool Drink asked a very important question in her post today. "What is going on for the gas price to have dropped that low?" As I crusied through my daily reads, I found very little regarding the sudden drop in oil prices. Maybe I should expand my list a tad. However, Richard Garner delivers a unique common sense approach to the whole ordeal. Outside the Beltway

I am glad of our Oil Overlords, regardless if it's election year or they're just feeling financially bloated and sympathetic. Gas prices were straining my financial well-being and now I can "Pimp My Ride" with new struts and brakes. The sudden drop in prices releases the remaining money required that has been set aside for gasoline. Amazing how gas prices can deter automobile upkeep of the necessities. Yes, its still the little things that amuse me. But absorbing bumps and rapid hair loss stops whilst commuting isn't on my Top Ten Favorite Pleasures.

#1 pleasure today is eating my Subway turkey breast on wheat with all the veggie fixings. Speaking of which, I must finish devouring this gourmet feast.

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