Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesdays Rambling

Good afternoon dear readers! And so another day has slipped by leaving a void. I must rest, I must not do anything strenuous, I must rest, I MUST BE GOING CRAZY!

Seriously, I am doing well all things considered. This downtime gives me ample opportunity to reflect on objects and circumstances I'd normally not consider. Take today for example, I drove to the bank about 10 minutes from here. As I was standing in a lengthy line, the gentleman, and I use that term loosely, started vocalizing his discontent. I let him rant off and on for around 5 minutes. Amusing really...but then I calmly turned around and stated, "I had a heart attack last Monday. I'm happy to be alive and standing in this line regardless of its length. You sir, need to be patient otherwise you might not survive like I did." Heh...I smiled and turned back around not hearing another sound. Whether I tuned him out or he took my comment to heart, is of no consequence to the peacefulness I felt. Was I rude or not...why do I care, I'm alive.

I have so many ideas for blogging I cannot organize them into a coherent topic. One day, I'll have them all organized and here for you to ponder the ramblings of the dazed and confuzed one.

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