Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This Moment

Touch the sky with the color so blue
Lay amongst the clouds so high
I dream of things I can’t do
If only, I give a sigh

Sun warms my solemn face
Warmth permeates my soul
Comforting as a gentle embrace
Depleting all effects of the cold

Wind calmly brushes my face
Gently assuring the illusion is true
Certainty this is the place
Rouses feelings I once knew

Sunlight glistens from atop the snow so white
For a moment I close my eyes
Today will be today however trite
If only, I give a sigh

Copyright © 2000 Dazdnconfzd


MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

That was nice Dazd...did you write that? If I were to poetry it would probably start out like "There once was a man from....", Oh well you get the point. LOL

Dazd said...

Yes...I wrote that in 2000.

Freddie said...

I like it.

Ordinary Janet said...

That's great! You should write poetry more often.