Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Thoughts

Not sure what's been happening this week. My blood pressure has been wacky and I've been sleeping ALOT. lol Sleep is good but geesh... Called the doctor to make an appointment today but he's full. Guess I'll call Monday.

Weather finally has a Fall feel to it. I think a cup of warm cider is in my future this weekend. May try and visit the local pumpkin patch and let the little ones run a muck. The local one here has a mechanical Dinosaur which always fascinates the kids. Of course us parents know its really a backhoe dressed up as a Dinosaur. Still neat to watch it "eat" pumpkins!

It's been refreshing to watch the squirrels scatter about gathering their winter food supply. And then my dogs running around the yard looking for the squirrels only to find their stash and dig it up. What a surprise the squirrels will have come this winter when their stash is gone.

I've made a promise to myself to post at least twice a week. And not just a actual post! Let's see if I can keep to that promise. I hope creative juices need energized!


DNR said...

Twice a week, huh? I'd be happy if i could remember to post once a week.

Drop me a line when you post. Hopefully you'll inspire me (again) and I'll post something too.

cmk said...

I, too, am not being very inspired to post these days. Hopefully it will happen, soon. Good luck on getting the creative juices flowing--I look forward to your twice weekly posts. :)

Lemon Stand said...

OK. Maybe I am setting my goal too high with my hi octane stress life but I decided this week to shoot for every day. So far I've managed five in a row. Will have to see if I can sustain it.