Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just When Things were Looking Up!

Ok...I don't usually rant and vent about personal issues here. But the last few days have been overwhelming. I'm gonna vent in writing hoping I feel better. I may take the post down later but I feel these things need to be said.

As you all know, I finally got a job that is helping keep us afloat. Not a permanent job but income nonetheless. Today...my wife was let go from her employment of 11 years. So here we sit...45 days until I'm eligible for company insurance, a son who is accident prone, me needing BP meds and a check-up. And...21 days for her unemployment benefits to kick in. **sighs**

My dad called last night with some disheartening news. He's been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. He won't know the details or what course of action to take until March 23rd. All we know is he has cancer. Now here's a man that never smoked, did drugs, relatively fit even at his age, never drank and is a God fearing man.

A good friend of mine, I just found out today, has been diagnosed with ARDS. Yea...36 years old, 2 kids (one newborn) and his whole life ahead of him. It's some pretty serious shit with 1/3 of those who contract it dying from it.

Yes...I'm pretty rattled right now and wavering on all fronts. Gonna be lots of soul searching and praying, to say the least.


Ambulance Driver said...

And on the good news front:

1. Prostate cancer is highly survivable. Keep your hopes up, and if you want to avoid the same fate, frequent masturbation really helps. See, now you have an excuse!

2. ARDS is not chronic. If your friend beats whatever respiratory ailment brought it on, he'll be okay. It's a complication of a disease process, not a disease in itself.

Keep your chin up!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh Steve. I'm terrible sorry to hear this kind of news. My thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend.

Dazd said...

Thank you for the well wishes!

My friend is still in serious condition. As AD pointed out, the ARDS was complicated by pneumonia which was brought on by the H1N1 virus. It will be months of rehab if it makes it thru the initial onslaught.

Wednesday the 23rd is gonna be a long day.