Saturday, April 09, 2011


Well its been a few weeks so I should probably update you all on my last post.

Wife...still unemployed. The doctor graciously renewed my scripts and postponed my check-up until I have insurance. And the BP meds weren't that expensive so I didn't cry too much when I paid for them.

My dad...will be having surgery April 20th to remove his prostrate. No news other than that just praying the cancer hasn't spread. I dunno the meanings of it all but the doctor said his cancer is a Factor 8 on the Gleason scale. I researched it but it meant little to me. Maybe my friend AD can explain it a bit better.

My, just this week he has made a dramatic improvement. He still is getting antibiotics and meds. But he's coherent when he's awake now, knows his family and has asked for visitors. He is still on the trach vent but today he went for 4 hours without it so looks promising to get it removed soon.

In other news...I am working on a series. Yes... a series of posts to hopefully entertain the masses. Haven't decided a name yet but the theme will be a futuristic view of a SHTF scenario. There...all I have to say about that!



Ambulance Driver said...

Apparently, the Gleason scale ranks the aggressiveness and spread of prostate tumors. The two most prevalent tumor patterns identified in the biopsy are added together to find the overall Gleason Score. The first factor listed is usually the most prevalent tumor pattern.

Gleason Factor 8 is a high score, no doubt, but that might not mean anything. For example, some tumor patterns are less aggressive than others, So a Gleason 5 plus a Gleason 3 might be less severe than, say, a Gleason 3 plus a Gleason 5.

Ask your Dad's doctor about a realistic prognosis with the prostatectomy.

Dazd said...

Thank you verified what I was reading. It's a roll of the dice without a true biopsy. I'll ask Dad what, if anything, he's learned since the appointment.