Friday, May 06, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 10

June 22 2012
No real evidence was found of someone following us home from Larry's. I am still not convinced and will keep my ears and eyes open. Some sign cutting techniques were left around our property and I can check them as needed.

One of the Big 12 neighbors found an old mill along the creek. Now when I say creek, its not one you can jump over yet its not large enough to be called a river. And as per Mother Nature, the creek has changed course over the last 100 years. The mill was secluded within the woods and overgrown. We are planning an outing to see if its still usable. He stated the stones looked intact and just needed some care. Now with the crops coming, we can make flour and cornmeal.

Speaking of which, we are scrambling to gather sugar. The supplies are depleted in the store and future shipments are in doubt. Next spring we can obtain and make maple syrup which will help feed out sweet tastes. Coffee...yea this sucks without a cup of java. We have begun a ration process attempting to make it thru the winter months. Coffee...we definitely missed out gathering this commodity. Sugar, tea and Coffee will become like gold this winter.

National Guard unit stopped by today. They were told by some of the Big 12 families I was the "mayor" or elder for our community. I felt honored and a bit overwhelmed when the Lt. mentioned that. I invited the Lt. to the porch for some iced tea and biscuits. As we talked, his unit scouted the area and mingled with the kids. The boys were excited to see the military and as usual were best buddies within minutes.

The Lt talked of creating a militia force within our community. All weapons and gear would be supplied by them along with training. We would be supplied with small arms and a few larger weapons. They would like for us to be very mobile and the heavier weapons would slow us down. As we were talking, a truck arrived and a few men gathered around. The Lt. stated as a show of good standing they'd leave us with some weapons. M-16's with ammunition and a few other oddities like grenades and stuff. I have no idea what all was there but he left an inventory list. He said he'd be back in a week to receive our answer and asked that a ex-military person be appointed as "commander". All discussions would involve myself and the commander.

We also spoke of the supply situation and I was reassured we'd be supplied with what they could spare. This was a relief as medical supplies were top of the list.

Talk of World news took over the latter part of our visit. The last report I received, Pakistan and India were at a stalemate. Pakistan fired the first nuke and it escalated to a holocaust. Both countries are considered a "no mans land" and people are basically left to fend for themselves. Supplies are being air-dropped into the more populated areas. Nuclear fallout is ravaging the countries to the west and fears of this going Global grow each day. Israel and Iran now occupy most of the Middle East. Saudia Arabia is being supported by Israel. After the nuclear strikes in Pakistan and India, most nuclear capable countries have signed treaties to not use nukes. China and the earthquake damaged countries are being overthrown. The governments couldn't sustain a major disaster and the populations revolted.

Also there is talk of a revolt here in our state. There are rebel forces gathering north and south of our location. It appears they will try to squeeze the middle and force the state capitol to surrender. Other states are attempting the same and looks like the current government may fail.

All military is being called to active duty, oversea troops are being brought back within our borders and all American citizens abroad are being asked to return.

Our conversation ended with warm handshakes and the Guard Unit headed down the road. I tried to document as much of our conversation here but allot of information to process. More information will be posted soon.

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