Friday, May 06, 2011


Dad came through his surgery well and is recovering nicely. They are certain they removed all the cancer and he will have another test on May 24th to be sure. We are so thankful!!!

My friend is home now from the hospital. He is recovering nicely and I will see him Friday of next week. He is one lucky SOB and God was definitely watching over him.

I hope some of you are enjoying the Cataclysm posts. I may take them offline and write the entries in Word. Not sure yet as I've not received much feedback. Not the usual

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!


vw bug said...

Love the story so far! I come back just about every day to read the next entry. If I miss it is because of 'life'... keeping me from the computer. Please keep going.

Joni said...

I think they are fabulous! Like reading a novel=)