Sunday, May 01, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 9

June 15 2012
We are here to visit Larry and the gang! A nice visit and everyone seems to be well. The cisterns are almost completed but with the wheat harvest coming in 3 weeks or so, it'll be August before they are completed. We spent our days planning for the coming winter months. The ladies spent time doing whatever ladies do. lol Seriously though, they spent time talking canning, harvesting the garden, etc... Us guys spent time planning, designing, bartering, etc... I reviewed their defense setups and was quite impressed. In fact, I took a few ideas down on paper. One of Larry's friend is ex-Guard and had improvised their protocol to suit their needs. We spent a whole day reviewing and discussing plans for the Big 12 defense setup.

We left our home in care of the Big 12...our first big step in trust. We have become quite close to them all. We are slowly becoming more than just a small community. We consider them all family. We all agreed that each family should get 5 days of vacation and the other families would attend to the chores.

List of supplies we need to start gathering:
Toilet Paper
Butane, Lighters, Lighter fluid, Matches, etc...
Duct Tape
Womens Hygiene products
Medicine like aspirin, cold medicine, etc...
First Aid supplies like band aids, gauze, syringes, etc...
Storage containers
light bulbs

The list is endless!

June 20 2012
Home from Larry's and all is well. We returned to a small bbq and a day filled with fun!

On a serious note...while riding home via the countryside, I felt as if we were being watched. So we detoured and rode through town and stopped here and there. I'm hoping whoever it was left us when we entered town. I am still feeling uneasy. The town was also unusually quiet. I called Larry and warned him. They are gathering a scout party and retracing my route for signs.

Will be a long couple of nights.

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