Friday, May 13, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 11

June 25 2012
Electricity and landlines went out today. Cell phones were static and intermittent. The Big 12 started preparations for a long stay in the shelters as we have no idea whats happening. Two of the men traveled to town to gather any information.

I have just returned from Larry's place assisting in the wheat harvest. Spent two days there learning the skills of harvesting. I was able to drive a combine and to save diesel we used horse and wagons to haul the grain to the silos. They had modified the original grain trailers to accept hitches. They had also cut them into quarter sized trailers to make the weight less and easier for the horse teams. Was quite a show and I remembered seeing late 1800 pictures of these types of operations.

Larry has started his own community around his area. Unfortunately, with their location closer to highways they have quite a few unwanteds in the area. These people are starting to cause a problem and I told him about the National Guard unit stopping by. I will tell them of the situation when they arrive in a few days. Larry has guards posted now at various areas and so far no violence has erupted.

I still feel a presence when traveling back and forth to Larry's. Its hard to say exactly what I feel but I am being watched. I don't sense any harm though. My intuition is on high alert when I travel and its not failed me yet. I am gonna devise a plan for the next trip in 3 weeks.

Logging off so I don't use up the batteries!

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