Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 13

July 1 2012
Power has been very sporadic the last few days. The only things we have plugged in are the freezers and a light in each occupied shelter. Still no communications with cell phones or landlines. 2-way radios are static and we believe a frequency jammer is being used by the Guard or even possibly the rebels.

We heard small arms gunfire from the direction of town yesterday. We are at the ready to defend our homes and lives. Helos were seen all that day flying towards town and reports of gunfire from the helos. A few townspeople were seen fleeing town but no one would stop long enough to tell us whats happening. One older couple were taken in by a family and given medical care. We haven't heard yet what news they gave the family.

We are only taking care of the livestock before light and after sunset. This makes it challenging as most times we can't see. I've found the barbed wire fence now 4 times. lol We've flagged the fence lines in orange and gates in yellow. And not flagged every 5 feet to be obvious...just far enough apart to get the idea. Even ran a wire across the top so you could follow it by holding on.

July 3 2012
Guard Unit finally stopped by today. Lt. is injured and the unit came to the only known safe haven in the area. I guess I should use the proper terminology as Glenn mentioned during talks, it is a Squad not a unit. The Squad brought along another one so we have 24 extras to defend and feed. They would have 26 but they lost two during the town battle. They are busy preparing defenses right now so I best lend a hand. Small talk with the squads...doesn't sound good.

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