Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 14

July 5 2012
Medics have Lt. stable and recovering. He is alert and is back in command via one of our shelters. Fires were seen from the direction of town the last 2 days and 1 night. Patrols by the squads split into small teams of 3 provided intel on what we already assumed.

Glenn and I were in a meeting with the Lt for over 4 hours being briefed. The town was burnt to the ground and anyone left was, women and children. Everything was looted and then either torn down or burnt. Seems the rebel force moved west after their looting spree. They estimate the rebel forces numbered in the 100-150 range and our Guard of 24 cannot repel such a force. If they had come north, we would have been overrun and decimated. Thank God for sparing our lives. We are not to discuss any of the briefing with the people, only the town is evacuated and be on the lookout for stragglers.

List of gear the squads have on hand: M4 Carbine, M107, FGM-148, M136 AT4, M60, M249SAW, M252 Mortar, M32 MGL, M18 claymores, TDI Vector

I have no idea what these are but Glenn's eyes lit up when he was told. So I'm guessing its good armament. We agreed to the use of claymores for providing a defensive perimeter but will NOT allow the use of land mines. All claymores must be off pastures and fields as not to kill livestock. And must not be present in areas us civilians can be killed or injured. I realize we limited the uses but I will NOT allow us to kill ourselves. A map was drawn of the Big 12 area and copied to give to all the households. Outlined in red is considered "no mans land" and should not be journeyed into without prior permission and escort, no matter the reasons. This is also considered a free fire zone. Anyone seen within these areas will be given 3 verbal warnings to vacate the area or risk being shot.

It sure is HOT without air conditioning. Rain has been minimal and we are all glad we built multiple cisterns, especially with 24 extras. We have plenty of food available with an explosion of the chicken and hog population. lol We didn't manage that too well as no one really had experience with that livestock. And the gardens are still growing well minus the rain.

July 6 2012
Relief in the form of rain and troops arrived this morning. Lt. has sent two men out to find our troops and obviously they were successful. Lt and 6 men have stayed behind to assist us and conduct scouting operations during the night. Lt. said it was an infantry company and they were heading back to the town and sweep it clear. While it holds no vital strategic importance, its the perfect spot for a fire base.

News from the company Captain wasn't good news at all. Illinois and Ohio have fallen to the rebels. Michigan is holding firm as the rebels are having a tough time in Chicago getting through the warlords who have taken control. This makes it tough for them to come across Lake Michigan or through the southwest part of Michigan via Illinois. Detroit is also a warlord controlled area now as is Toledo and Cleveland. Kentucky is standing firm as they have Fort Know tanks brigades at their disposal. News from the other states was not discussed...only our neighbors are whats important right now.

The rebel forces are a combination of different sects of religion and nationality. The troops are efficiently trained and move quickly, never staying put in one place too long. Our Federal government hasn't intervened yet and have left the State governments fend for themselves. Not even relief supplies for the population or troops! Captain estimated over 15 million people (civilians) have perished in our region of surrounding states alone. Thats about 1/3 of the population. Most have died from starvation and lack of proper medical care.

Glenn and I were shocked...

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