Friday, March 09, 2007

Weekly Life Experiences

My post from last Saturday generalized a diverse topic. Paranormal, or rather in this case anomalous phenomenon, is defined as follows:

An anomalous phenomenon is an observed phenomenon for which there seems to be no agreeable scientific explanation. Because such observations do not fit into the established framework or consensus reality, they can be the subject of controversy.

These phenomena are not generally accepted as real by mainstream scientists. Ideas about hard-to-reproduce anomalies are considered pseudoscientific, partly because science needs phenomena to be reproducible.

Other phenomena are recognized to be real, but cannot be readily explained. For example, many people have observed unidentified flying objects; but their explanations for such objects differ.

Examples of anomalous phenomena

alien abduction experiences
deja vu
extrasensory perception
folie a deux
near-death experiences
out-of-body experiences
paranormal vanishing
reality shifts
Spontaneous Human Combustion
twin pain

Some anomalies eventually get a scientific explanation, losing their status as unexplained phenomena. For example, while the idea of stones falling from the sky was once considered anomalous, meteorites are now acknowledged and well understood. Another example of this was the Tunguska event, which spawned a wide variety of both scientific and pseudoscientific explanations, ranging from asteroids to cross-dimensional rips, prior to the emergence of a strong scientific consensus that the event was the result of the explosive disruption of an asteroid, or possibly a comet, in the atmosphere.

Now I won't claim to have all of the above. I realize there's more that can be added or sub-topics but this gives you a general idea of the diversity of paranormal experiences". However I do experience 2 of these listed. Deja vu and Ghosts are close descriptions of the experiences I've encountered. Now before we go any further reading, I'm not taking Ghost Busters type stuff here folks. Although I'll add that Sigourney Weaver wasd steamy in that movie. And at the time of the movie release, I thought Rick Moranis was one lucky son-of-a....well, back to my story.

My encounters with the above listed 2 subjects have been sporadic at best. The deja vu ones are hard to pinpoint. They sneek up on you and literally pass before you realize it's happening. One that is very vivid from my childhood happened when I was 10 maybe 11 years old. We were spending time at Grandma Ruby's during a snowstorm. The furnace had smoked itself and we slept at her house for a week. At the time, she had a young man from church, who was finishing out his senior year, staying with her. I remember dreaming one night of waking to bacon, eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. Along with that was Grandma and David having a discussion about U.S. History. It was a deep conversation, almost a heated debate. A couple of mornings later, the event unfolded. I awoke to the food with David and Grandma conducting their debate. It all unfolded as if a movie script was being rehearsed. I don't recall exact details now some 31 years later. But the event is forever part of memories that I cherish and respect.

Grandma and David were debating and neither side was giving ground. Grandma Ruby was always right unless you proved her wrong. I gained that trait that sometimes gets me into trouble. Anyways, when at a certain point of the conversation I blurted out the answer to his theory and expanded as best a 10 year old could. Yes, not only was I amazed, but everyone else had Kodak moment faces. To my astonishment, I was informed the following week I was correct. And the graded paper proved it. Now you're probably thinking, damn smart kid. But what set this apart for a mere coincidence was the fact the players, conversation, food, seating assignments and conversation were exact to the last detail.

There have been many many others that have played out during the 31 years since that morning. Some are fleeting moments while others are lengthy with only bits and pieces tying the whole deja vu experience together.


And for ghostly encounters, I'll save that for another post. In the meantime, go check out cmk. cmk has an interesting tale of paranormal encounters.

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Anonymous said...

In last week's comment I shared with you my deja vu experience with Katrina and with after christmas Tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Another thing that I have deja vu dreams is men that I'm about to meet. I will dream in vivid detail so I'll only make the connection within a few minutes of exchanging a few words.

At first I thought I was dreaming about these men because they were wupposed to be in my life for a reason. Now I know when I dream about them before I meet them it means there bad news and I need to stay away.

With my ex, during the period we were engaged and at the start of our marriage, the visions went as far as me having visions of the future at different point in our lives. Strangely enough it only happened whenever I attended this one church. He was catholic and I'm a christian so it would only happen at his church during one part of the service when we would hold hands together to pray.

I had clear detailed visions of our life in Asia, the house we would live in, me teaching there while pregnant, the birth of our child here in the US, his infedilities, our fights and our eventual separation.

Ironically, it finally took me until this last and 4th person I had visions about to figure out that if I have visions of them I'm supposed to stay away from them and NOT DATE THEM.

See, live and learn!